Official Name Change Complete!

So this morning I had my court date and got my name legally changed to Darcy! I then proceeded to spend the next few hours waving the court order at various organizations to get them to change my name in their records. In about a week I should start getting my new cards and such with my real name on them. Tomorrow I will see about getting work to change my name, if they don't require me to present my new Social Security card (which I won't have until next week). Then my name will be right in the email system so it can stop reinforcing the wrong name to everyone, which I know is causing most of the occurrences of misnaming me over the past few weeks that I've been out at work.

I'm very happy and relieved to have this removed as a source of stress, and to be able to legally use my name in official and financial situations. It will be so nice to be able to go to a restaurant and not out myself when I go to pay the check.