Gender vs. Identity

You may have noticed me mentioning not completely identifying with my birth gender, or not being strictly straight. You may also think these two things are more related than they actually are. Hopefully the elaboration below clarifies things some as they apply to me.

Gender Identity

Regarding the gender of my birth and my current identity, I consider myself to be more on the transgender end of things. I've self-identified as androgynous or genderfluid for most of my life, there wasn't really a precipitating event or anything that I can put my finger on really. There's been some variation on my name as my life has gone on, but even as a young child I think I thought of myself as less a boy than just a kid.

Puberty was rather traumatic emotionally as regards this, forcing me to basically hate myself. I have started to think of myself as more uncompromisingly transgender, and have started taking steps towards living full time as a woman.

Sexual Orientation

Regarding my sexual orientation, I am basically bisexual. This has nothing to do with my gender identity, to me. I just have never seen the reasoning behind excluding half of the people in the world from my romantic possibility.

Now, one misconception that I want to address is the idea that I need to have both a man and a woman in my life at the same time. I don't necessarily mean to speak for anyone else but as far as I'm concerned that's not true at all. I'm not with people for their parts, and I don't have a need to have one of each to be satisfied or happy.

Historically for me I've been interested in both boys and girls as long as I've been interested in anyone that way. I had a pretty bad crush on a girl in late high school, and my first year of college I had a serious thing for my calculus teacher. Also, in that time frame I took a trip down to Georgia and had my first real encounter with both genders (which was actually kind of weirdly traumatic).

So, I guess, as they say, that's me. I hope this served to clear things up.